The Process

Research Phase

Before you can get to a finished logo, it is always best to do research on the company to get a better idea of what to do for the sketches. Everything you do in a logo has a purpose

Sketch Phase

The sketching phase takes the longest. It's hours and hours of sketching trying to find the right solution and give the logo meaning and purpose.

Final Product

The final phase is using the sketches to vectorize the logo and present the final piece to a client.


Francesco P. Iaderosa

Graphic Designer

The person sketching at 2AM, that is probably me. I am always expanding my knowledge in the Graphic Design field. When I am in my zone, I cannot seem to put my pencil down.

The good designs are simple because they are the most memorable. I am excited to get into my design zone for you and how we can design something memorable for the industry.