Branding Case Studies


Dooly's was a company discovered on the East Coast in the 90's. I had the opportunity to visualize what a possible rebrand of the company logo could look like. After many hours of sketching, I came to a final product that I am proud of and believe that I executed it as it was envisioned.

Excelsior Con

Growing up I was a huge fan of Stan Lee, when I heard about his passing, I knew I wanted to do something that would allow people to remember him. I came up with an event where all fans could go to remember him. There was not much of a sketch phase involved in this project, I knew what I wanted to do right from the start. He is a person I idolized and wanted to create some work to remember him.

Blink Theatre Poster

When we were given a project to create a movie poster, I was assigned the Blink play to design a theatre poster that had the possibility of being used as the poster to promote the play. After the research was done, the final result was a rather unique one because if you didn't read the script you would not know why I used this particular approach to make the poster.

War Museum Promotion

When we were given the opportunity to redo a project, I was wanted to do something to promote the war museum here in Ottawa. Throughout the project, I wanted to create something that would memorialize the war vets as well as the fallen soldiers that were sacrificed so we could have our freedom. The project touched me very deeply because of the type of project it was.

TDIR Rebrand

I was given the opportunity to rebrand a local tax company. I made a new design that was refreshing and easy to look at. The owner's background was also implemented into the design